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Sponsor Fee Pro makes it fast and easy to put together proposals and recap reports. Plus, we know we can rely on the software to provide the most up-to-date valuations and ROIs that our sponsors trust.

Leanne Cadman Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

I use Sponsor Fee Pro on a regular basis. It has allowed me to be objective with our sponsor benefits and to determine the best price and return on our investment for our partners. Without Sponsor Fee Pro, value can be a guessing game. Now I can confidently provide a true event assessment.    

Colleen Murphy Greater Des Moines Partnership

The Harley-Davidson Museum® uses Sponsor Fee Pro as a resource in validating sponsorship assets.  It’s an easy to use tool for drafting revenue generating sponsorship proposals and reviewing outside sponsorship opportunities.  Sponsor Fee Pro Software covers both venue and event sponsorships and outlines the industry value on all categories (Hospitality, Media, On-Site at Events and Added Value).  It’s an extremely useful resource that we highly recommend.

Erica Kaponya Harley-Davidson Museum®