The experts at Sponsor Fee Pro found that while so many organizations struggle to accurately price their own sponsorship proposals, many of them can’t

afford to pay for custom valuations which can easily cost $20,000 or more. So, Sponsor Fee Pro was created to make this process simpler and more cost effective. This innovative valuation tool was developed through a collaboration between two experienced sponsorship agencies, Proxy Sponsorships and Creative Strategies Group (CSG), as well as an established software development firm, Alvey Consulting, which are all located in Denver, Colorado. This partnership combined the vast sponsorship experience and expertise of Proxy and CSG with the software development skill and knowledge of Alvey Consulting to provide users with an accurate, easy-to-use sponsorship valuation tool.

Learn more about each of Sponsor Fee Pro’s partner agencies below:


Proxy Sponsorships

Proxy Sponsorships (Proxy) is a highly specialized sponsorship marketing agency that helps its clients successfully navigate the sponsorship industry to generate revenue, reduce costs, and increase visibility. Proxy consults with a variety of organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada including resorts and destinations, cultural attractions, non-profit organizations, municipalities, venues, and events. Proxy’s owners (Jill Rogers and Mala Alvey) have more than forty years combined experience in all aspects of sponsorship and fundraising (including valuation, sales, and activation/fulfillment) and have personally secured millions of dollars for their clients. Proxy believes all sponsorships should accomplish three primary goals: 1) Generate revenue or reduce costs for the sponsored property or event; 2) Assist sponsors in achieving their marketing and/or sales objectives; 3) Enhance the experience for visitors or guests.

Among the clients with which Proxy has consulted


Creative Strategies Group (CSG)


For nearly a quarter century CSG has been leading the event sponsorship industry to establish standard practices for pricing, selling and buying sponsorships particularly for large festivals and events as well as venues.  Agency principle, Bruce Erley, has served as an international trailblazer in this field of thought via his leadership positions within the International Festivals and Events Association. As the CSG staff works regularly on all sides of the experiential marketing field we understand what it takes to build a great sponsorship program from planning, to selling, to promoting, to implementing, to wrap up.

At CSG we respect that experiential marketing endeavors need to drive ROI or marketing decision makers will not invest marketing dollars with an event.  This keystone perspective drives our daily practice of collectively meeting the needs of the events, their sponsors and their attendees by creating effective, well thought out sponsorship programs.  CSG has conducted hundreds of property audits and sponsorship plans including comprehensive valuations.

Among the clients with which CSG has consulted.

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