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The experts at Sponsor Fee Pro have utilized their years of experience in the sponsorship industry to develop a benefits and valuation tool that will help you:

  • Review Sponsorship Packages
  • Get an Accurate Price Range

The Sponsor Fee Pro Advantage

Sponsor Fee Pro combines the knowledge of our experts with the details for your unique event, venue, or organization to provide you with an accurate price for your sponsorship packages. With the Sponsor Fee Pro advantage, you’ll gain:

    • A comprehensive list of benefits appropriate for your venue, event or organization
    • An accurate valuation and ROI to be included in your recap reports
    • Justification for your sponsorship asking price from a 3rd party expert
    • More leverage in the negotiation process
    • Confidence that you’re not asking too much or too little
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Designed for You

Anyone who needs help understanding how much to charge for their sponsorship proposal can use Sponsor Fee Pro, but it’s most beneficial for:


Fundraising Events



Public Festivals & Events



Venues & attractions with annual attendance of




Specially Designed Templates Are Currently Available For:

The experts at Sponsor Fee Pro have years of experience, and we’ve used our knowledge to create sponsorship valuation templates for some of the most prevalent events and properties. Simply input your information and we’ll do the rest! Sign up for Sponsor Fee Pro and gain immediate and unlimited access to the following templates:

  • Air Shows
    Bike Events
    Endurance Events
    Fairs, Complexes and Expo Halls
    Walk Events

  • Run Events
    Ski Resorts
    Theaters and Arenas
    Theme and Water Parks
    Zoos and Aquariums
  • Festivals and Special Events
    Film Festivals
    Mud/Obstacle Events
    Performing Arts
    Touring Shows
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Pricing Tool

Deciding how much to charge for sponsorship opportunities can be tricky. You have to worry about asking for too much and losing out on sponsors, but you also have to worry about asking too little and losing out on funds. We can help you to determine the perfect price for your sponsorship package.

Proposal Calculator

You may not know the ins and outs of pricing sponsorship proposal, but you don’t have to – that’s what we’re here for! Our proposal calculator guides you through selecting the appropriate information to effectively attract sponsors. Further, Sponsor Fee Pro provides a justifiable pricing structure to address sponsor inquiries about ROI (return on investment).

Value Analysis

Potential sponsors will want to know the answer to a very important question: what’s in it for them? No matter how noble your cause, sponsors want to know that they will get something for their time, effort, and money. We can help you decide which benefits to include and help you lay them out clearly so that potential sponsors have no doubt they should be a part of your event or property and receive the proper return on investment!


How It Works

Step 1

Select your event or property type (e.g. zoo, fair, etc.)

Step 2

Select the benefits that you wish to include in your sponsorship proposal.

Step 3

Provide a few details about your event (attendance numbers, website visits, etc.)

Step 4

And that’s it. We’ll do the rest!


To learn more and see Sponsor Fee Pro in action, watch our quick video below:


Sponsor Fee Pro will provide you with an appropriate price range to charge for your proposal and an ROI based on the actual sponsor investment


Start Benefitting From


Access to Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor Fee Pro allows you to review sponsorship packages including 
actual benefits used by similar events and properties to see what your proposal may be missing. A list of benefits is provided for the categories of hospitality, media, on-site, and added value that may all be configured to build small, medium, or large sponsorship packages.

Confidence in Pricing

Sponsor Fee Pro enables you to determine an accurate price range and Return on Investment (ROI) for your sponsorship proposal or recap report using years of knowledge by industry experts. So, you can feel confident in your pricing during the sales negotiation and renewal process.

Third-Party Expertise

You will benefit from years of experience by Sponsor Fee Pro’s industry experts. This third-party expertise will enable you to justify sponsorship proposal pricing to both current and potential partners and to internal staff and board members.

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